Rhanie Al-Alas – Journalist, Campaigner & Documentarian.

Rhanie Al-Alas is a journalist who was born in North London, Islington, and has remained there throughout her life. She has always had a talent for telling stories, and as a child she studied at several theatre schools and told stories through performance.

As an adult she felt it was important to be the voice of those who needed their stories heard, that’s when she decided she wanted to become a journalist. Many of the stories Rhanie reports on focus on race and identity, being of England, Yemeni and Guyanese descent these are issues she relates to as a mixed race woman.

Rhanie is a passionate animal rights activist and alongside supporting many animal right campaign she also lead her own campaign ‘Ban the Bowl’ which sought to ban fish bowls and small aquariums in the UK.

Rhanie is currently working as a freelance journalist for magazines and newspapers and is currently producing her own documentary, which will be release in upcoming months

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